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In computing, overclocking is the practice of increasing the clock rate of a computer to exceed that certified by the manufacturer. Commonly, operating voltage is also increased to maintain a component's operational stability at accelerated speeds. Semiconductor devices operated at higher frequencies and voltages increase power consumption and heat. An overclocked ....


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El overclocking (en ocasiones espanolizado como overcloqueo) es la practica de aumentar la frecuencia de reloj de un componente electronico (normalmente una CPU o GPU) por encima de las especificaciones del fabricante. [1] El objetivo es obtener un mayor rendimiento sin necesidad de cambiar los componentes, o superar las cuotas actuales de rendimiento, aunque esto ....


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Skylake is the codename used by Intel for a processor microarchitecture that was launched in August 2015 succeeding the Broadwell microarchitecture. Skylake is a microarchitecture redesign using the same 14 nm manufacturing process technology as its predecessor, serving as a tock in Intel's tick-tock manufacturing and design model. According to Intel, the redesign brings ....


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L' overclocking, ou parfois sur-cadencement [1], ou surcadencage [2] est une manipulation ayant pour but d'augmenter la frequence du signal d'horloge d'un processeur au-dela de la frequence nominale afin d'augmenter les performances de l'ordinateur. Le processeur surcadence execute davantage d'instructions par seconde, d'ou la reduction du temps d'execution des programmes..


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Phenom II is a family of AMD's multi-core 45 nm processors using the AMD K10 microarchitecture, succeeding the original Phenom. Advanced Micro Devices released the Socket AM2+ version of Phenom II in December 2008, while Socket AM3 versions with DDR3 support, along with an initial batch of triple- and quad-core processors were released on February 9, 2009..


Overclocking - Wikipedia.

Con overclocking, in informatica, si indica una pratica finalizzata al miglioramento delle prestazioni di un componente elettronico di un computer (in genere la CPU o la GPU) mediante l'aumento della velocita della frequenza di clock rispetto a quella prevista dal produttore, marchiata sul contenitore della CPU.. Nel caso delle CPU, di cui si parla in generale ai soli fini ....


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Machine checks are a hardware problem, not a software problem. They are often the result of overclocking or overheating. In some cases, the CPU will shut itself off once passing a thermal limit to avoid permanent damage. But they can also be caused by bus errors introduced by other failing components, like memory or I/O devices..


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Intel Turbo Boost is Intel's trade name for central processing units (CPUs) dynamic frequency scaling feature that automatically raises certain versions of its operating frequency when demanding tasks are running, thus enabling a higher resulting performance.. The frequency is accelerated when the operating system requests the highest performance state of the processor..


List of Intel Core i7 processors - Wikipedia.

Overclocking: Unlocked multiplier on K and KF models. Model number sSpec number Cores (threads) Frequency Turbo L2 cache L3 cache GPU model GPU frequency TDP Socket I/O bus Release date Part number(s) Release price Standard power: Core i7-11700: SRKNS (B0) 8 (16) 2.5 GHz 4.9 GHz 8 x 512 KB: 16 MB: UHD Graphics 750: 350-1300 MHz.


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All electronic devices and circuitry generate excess heat and thus require thermal management to improve reliability and prevent premature failure.The amount of heat output is equal to the power input, if there are no other energy interactions. There are several techniques for cooling including various styles of heat sinks, thermoelectric coolers, forced air systems and fans, heat pipes, ....



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LGA 1150 - Wikipedia.

LGA 1150, also known as Socket H3, is a microprocessor socket used by Intel's central processing units (CPUs) built on the Haswell microarchitecture.This socket is also used by the Haswell's successor, Broadwell microarchitecture. It is the successor of LGA 1155 and was itself succeeded by LGA 1151 in 2015.. Most motherboards with the LGA 1150 socket support ....


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LGA 2011 - Wikipedia.

LGA 2011, also called Socket R, is a CPU socket by Intel released on November 14, 2011. It launched along with LGA 1356 to replace its predecessor, LGA 1366 (Socket B) and LGA 1567. While LGA 1356 was designed for dual-processor or low-end servers, LGA 2011 was designed for high-end desktops and high-performance servers..


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Przetaktowywanie (ang. overclocking), potocznie podkrecanie - zwiekszanie szybkosci pracy, a zarazem wydajnosci sprzetu komputerowego, poprzez podnoszenie czestotliwosci zegara taktujacego procesora, karty graficznej czy pamieci RAM za pomoca odpowiedniego oprogramowania lub zmiany odpowiednich ustawien BIOS-u (w przypadku CPU i RAM-u).W ....


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A computer fan is any fan inside, or attached to, a computer case used for active cooling.Fans are used to draw cooler air into the case from the outside, expel warm air from inside and move air across a heat sink to cool a particular component. Both axial and sometimes centrifugal (blower/squirrel-cage) fans are used in computers. Computer fans commonly come in ....


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History. ASRock Inc. is a Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer that focuses on the development of motherboards, industrial PCs, and HTPCs.. ASRock was originally spun off from Asus in 2002 in order to compete with companies like Foxconn for the commodity OEM market. Since then, ASRock has also gained momentum in the DIY sector and plans for moving the ....


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The Sega Genesis, known as the Mega Drive outside North America, is a 16-bit fourth-generation home video game console developed and sold by Sega.The Genesis was Sega's third console and the successor to the Master System.Sega released it in 1988 in Japan as the Mega Drive, and in 1989 in North America as the Genesis..


CAN FD - Wikipedia.

CAN FD (Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate) is a data-communication protocol typically used for broadcasting sensor data and control information on 2 wire interconnections between different parts of electronic instrumentation and control system. This protocol is used in modern high performance vehicles. CAN FD is an extension to the original CAN bus protocol that was ....


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LGA 1155 tambem conhecido como Socket H2 e um soquete usado para microprocessadores Intel baseados nas microarquiteturas Sandy Bridge (2a geracao, 32nm, 2k-series) e Ivy Bridge (3a-Gen, 22nm, 3k-series).. E o sucessor do LGA 1156 (conhecido como Socket H) e foi sucedido pelo LGA 1150.Junto com variacoes selecionadas do socket LGA 2011, foi o ultimo soquete ....


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Un processeur est dit multithread s'il est capable d'executer efficacement plusieurs threads simultanement. Contrairement aux systemes multiprocesseurs (tels les systemes multi-coeur), les threads doivent partager les ressources d'un unique coeur [1] : les unites de traitement, le cache processeur et le translation lookaside buffer ; certaines parties sont neanmoins dupliquees : ....


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Low-power electronics are electronics, such as notebook processors, that have been designed to use less electric power than usual, often at some expense. In the case of notebook processors, this expense is processing power; notebook processors usually consume less power than their desktop counterparts, at the expense of lower processing power..